automated traffic & mobility analysis

teaching old city cameras new tricks

brains behind the eyes

Our AI simultaneously analyzes video footage from multiple cameras.

no new hardware

You can use the cameras you already have. You don't need any new hardware to start with.

the data you need

Vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, types… Deep analytics and the information you never had.

AI-based data collection

Collecting traffic data has never been easier, and it costs you nothing.

Thanks to our unique solution, we're able to analyze video from the many security cameras that are already in cities all around us. Moreover, these cameras are in good hands and there is no risk of misuse.

Traffic analysis

Whether you're a city, police, traffic engineer, planner, or looking for the right location for your new commercial operation, you need traffic data.

The data is displayed in overview maps or graphs, of course there is the possibility of export or direct connection via API. You can easily filter, aggregate, and create custom schemes for reuse.

Public Transportation

Modern cities place great emphasis on public transport. Public transport reduces congestion, produces less pollution, and increases community mobility and promotes the movement of people.

Thanks to traffic data, you can easily evaluate road sections where a dedicated lane for public transport is appropriate.

Foot mobility

Pedestrian-friendly communities, according to recent research, have healthier and happier residents.

Foot traffic data is also extremely useful in the context of finding attractive locations for various retail and restaurant chains.

Platform Features

A secure platform for dynamic & static traffic and urban mobility big data. KALM:IT includes all of the necessary features and extensions, as well as clear, understandable data that give you complete understanding of the dynamic and static traffic, urban mobility or other environment factors in your area.

Mobility & Traffic

Detailed dynamic and static mobility data ready at your fingertips at once, for any day or night of the year. For both cities and businesses to benefit from.

Sensor Integrations

We are ready to integrate various data sources. Other vehicle counters, or noise and air pollution sensors. Anything closely related to the traffic. You can integrate almost any type of sensor.

GDPR ready

We do not store any personal data; everything is scrambled and anonymized. We take privacy seriously, so each action taken is logged and easily searchable..


3rd parties are able to connect and retrieve the data they are integrating into their solution.


All of the data can be exported in PDF, XLS, XML or CSV format for another processing.

E-mail notifications

Real time e-mail notifications for defined events.


Great team of life-long friends and The experts with more than a decade of experience with camera systems and in IT.


Damián Bucha

CEO & co-founder

Telco engineer with more than 15 years of experience with coding in IT and with security cameras combined. With strong analytical and business thinking. Worked on global projects in Accenture, and corporate IT in Johnson Controls and CCTV security company as a current business.


Jozef Krivaček

CFO & co-founder

Lawyer by education, geek by heart, with more than 20 years of experience with business management, sales and with security cameras. With strong business and sales thinking. Worked in banking (ZUNO, mBank), had own IT store, and CCTV security company as a current business.

Our Clients

We are proud that our solution already helps in Bratislava - Slovakia.


Achievements and recognitions awarded.

Challenger Demo Day Slovenská Sporiteľňa award

We took part in the Challenger Green & Digital accelerator program, which was really intensive. We spent more than 120 hours in workshops with world-class mentors, which helped us enhance our product and business approach. All of our efforts paid off, as we were one of two start-ups to get the Slovenská Sporitena award.

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We are proud to be part of the amazing community and acceleration programs that enables us to achive our goals and dreams.

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