automated traffic & mobility analysis

teaching old city cameras new tricks

  • Be a pioneer of change

    KALM:IT is a software platform that uses machine vision and our own in-house developed and trained AI models. We aim to help cities, real estate developers, retail outlets and many more with data-driven decisions. Not only are we saving money and time to our clients, we want to be a part of green-first changes that need to be implemented as soon as possible.

  • Traffic & Mobility

    Understand the traffic flow and composition.

  • Noise & Air Pollution

    Noise and air pollution is closely related to the traffic.

  • IoT sensors

    Integrate almost any type of sensor.

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Platform Features

We built a secure platform with great features that give you complete understanding of the traffic, urban mobility and environment factors in your area.


It is the 2nd largest environmental health risk in Western Europe, WHO says.
We provide means to acquire the necessary data about traffic and related noise and air pollution health risks.


Traffic related noise can significantly decrease the quality of life.
We can give you better understanding how and what traffic affects the noise pollution.

Air Pollution

Traffic, among other various factors contributes to the air pollution.
Monitor the CO2, PM1, PM2,5, PM5 or PM10, NO2, O3, temperature, humidity and many more.

AI & IoT

We use our own AI models to detect and classify vehicles from the real-time video stream and can integrate wide range of IoT sensors from various vendors.

Historical data

There is no limitation to the data retention. The more data you have, the better you can adjust your policies to improve quality of life.


It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. You can share the selected data via provided API or embedded charts on your page.

  • Audit Trail

    Each action taken is logged and easily searchable.

  • Responsive Design

    User interface is completely designed with the mobile in mind and is readable on any device.

  • Easy Customization

    All development is in-house and we can customize anything you need.

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More Features

We aim to create a solution that provides you any required functions and extensions, and all of the data are easy to understand for anybody.


3rd parties are able to connect and retrieve the data they are integrating into their solution.


All of the data can be exported in PDf, XLS, XML or CSV format for another processing.

E-mail notifications

Real time e-mail notifications for defined events.

Our Clients

We are proud that our solution already helps in Bratislava - Slovakia.

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